DPS Black Label CS/OC 2 oz with Clip

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The new DPS Clip on Unit is the perfect self defense companion to keep with you no matter where you go. There is no need to carry a holster when you can clip the can on your belt or pocket. You can clip it to most visors or anywhere in your vehicle that has a lip. Carrying DPS can literally save your life. This unit is great for walkers or runners, you can even clip it on a baby stroller to take a walk in the park.

DPS Black Label is called X-Stream Tactical Ops for a reason. It drops everybody.
It is 10%+2 OC/CS Blend that was formulated and developed for extreme tactical operations. This brutal mix was initially made for law enforcement and corrections in high threat conditions.
The formulation consists of an evaporate carrier with 10% OC and 2% CS in a full cone or high emission fog pattern. The Physiological effects are extensive. The CS causes acute stress in respiration with coughing, gagging and temporary shortness of breath. The OC has the atypical dermal affect with intensive heat and temporary, involuntary closing of the eyes. This is the ultimate defensive chemical system.
This is a "cone" pattern spray. It atomizes into billions of particles and has a reach of 8-10 feet . With any cone formula there is risk of contamination and blow-back and this is why we push the Ballistic Stream pattern above all else. That being said, Black Label by nature is designed to be inhaled. It shuts people down and keeps them down. They can't fight when they can't breath.

I know this first hand because I was exposed indirectly (on purpose) in a solitary cell while playing an inmate. I had 5 officers trying to get me out and I was able to fight them until my partner Tom fired a 1/4 second burst of Black Label into the air. Within 6 or 7 seconds I shut down and they were able to subdue me and drag me out of the cell and belt me up.
The spray was fired in the air and reached me over 10 feet away under a bunk and did its job.
I can't say enough about the effectiveness of this combination spray. It is not designed to replace regular DPS because it does not have the range and there is a much greater risk that you can contaminate yourself therefore it is recommended for use ONLY in Extreme situations.
That being said, if some one was within your personal zone during a confrontation, hold your breath, spray and get out of there would be my advice.

This new model has a built in clip on the neck 

Can dimensions are: . unit-4 inch tall and 1-5/16 inch diameter  


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