DPS Flip Top Foam 2 oz.

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DPS Pepper Foam comes out like the shaving cream from hell : -) It sticks to the face of the perpetrator even if they are wearing glasses. It blocks their vision while creating intense heat on the rest of their face. You have to aim directly at the face when firing the foam, but it really stays put and has very little cross-contamination. Pepper foam is an excellent choice in those conditions where air circulation is a concern. Pepper foam is ideal for hospital security, hotel security, schools and anyplace indoors where exposure to pepper spray can cause severe breathing problems and potential panic. This is a very effective and viable alternative to traditional sprays on the market. DPS Pepper Foam is the hottest and farthest shooting foam we have tested. It fires 10 feet , giving you the Range for Safety Advantage. Available in 2 or 3 oz units.

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