Titanium Escape Pen

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The Titanium Escape Pen by Shomer-Tec is an innovative union of covert and tactical, simplicity and style. It's a low-profile basic pen that also provides escape capability from restraints, including handcuffs. Secreted inside the pen body is a 4” diamond rod saw, which can cut most anything. For emergency access to the rod saw, carefully bite down on the plastic portion next to the pen's nib (do not bite down on the metal portion). Then, grasping the metal pen body with your hand, pull apart the pen. Its unique pen cap also functions as a handcuff key! Additionally, the pen’s lightweight seamless titanium body with a matte finish provides extreme strength and rigidity, making it an ideal tactical self-defense weapon.  Weight: 0.55 oz. Made in USA.



  • Seamless titanium body
  • Hidden 4" diamond saw
  • Pen cap cuff key
  • Made in USA

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