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Titanium Escape Pen

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The Titanium Escape Pen is a functioning basic pen that could save your life. This unit has the capability to assist in escaping from restraints or handcuffs. There is a 4" diamond rod saw which can cut most anything located inside the pen body. The discreet pen cap has a built in cuff key as well. This pen is very well constructed out of seamless titanium which make this unit extremely ridged and durable. So what looks like a basic pen is actually the perfect tactical self defense weapon. This unit has a matte finish and just over 1/2 oz. Refill cartridges available. Made in USA.



  • Seamless titanium body
  • Hidden 4" diamond saw
  • Pen cap cuff key
  • Made in USA

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The new Escape Stick by Shomer-Tec is the most versatile and effective miniature escape tool ever offered. It enables escape from most any type of restraint – handcuffs (including double-locking), zip-ties, duct tape, rope, packing tape, cords, etc. Components include a rod saw which can cut metal, plastic, wood, and fibrous materials, a handcuff key integrated onto the rod saw which utilized the saw as its handle, and a toothed saw which also functions as a shim pick for releasing zip-ties. All the components are contained inside of a special rubber sheathing which conceals all the components from view, yet allows easy access in just seconds. The innovative low-profile design of the Escape Stick enables it to be miniature and covert. Its tiny size (just 3" length x .037" diameter and weighing 0.15 oz.) allows for many concealment options, including in our Escape Travel Belt (see our video on this product). It's a potentially lifesaving tool for undercover operatives, civilians traveling in hostile regions, or anyone whose survival may depend on quickly escaping unlawful captivity. Patent Pending. Made in USA. Order today at: http://www.shomer-tec.com/product/escape-stick-1652.cfm

    The new Escape Stick by Shomer-Tec is the most versatile and e...

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