DPS Pepper Foam Keychain

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Our DPS 1/2 oz. key chain pepper foam spray unit is compact and easy to carry. It is ideal for clipping on yourself, a purse, a bike, in a car or just carrying with your keys. It measures on 3-1/2 inch long and comes in a hardshell carrier.

Pepper foam has less mess floating in the air than traditional sprays, and it is better for closed areas like court rooms and hospitals. It sticks to the face as shown in the pictures, but it does not shoot as far as our regular DPS keychain. Range for pepper foam is about 8 feet.

The hardshell unit is a high quality unit that comes with a built on clip for easy convenient carrying. The design is unique and is made for quick and easy firing. It also has a built in safety mechanism to prevent accidental firing.
Available in Black, Blue or Red.

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