StreetWise 20" Push Button Auto Expandable Baton

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Streetwise Push Button Auto Expandable Batons give you a tactical advantage which can be crucial in self-defense situations. Traditional expandable batons require extra time and space to deploy. Our new baton expands in a fraction of a second with just the touch of a button.  Once opened the baton locks in place to prevent it from retracting upon contact. Another feature that sets this baton apart from other automatic batons is its sleek profile. The activation button is protected by a rounded sliding safety and recessed into the baton. This helps prevent accidental deployment and is superior to older, bulky designs that have protruding switches and levers that could get caught on something. The pointed end of the baton can be used as a window breaker or in a jabbing motion to push back anyone who gets too close for comfort.


Sleek, Low-profile Design: no levers on buttons protruding from the baton that could get caught on something

Rapid Deployment: The push-button mechanism allows for quick, one-handed deployment

Expandable: Available in 20 and 24 inches at the touch of a button

Sliding Safety: Prevents accidental deployment

Safe Distance: Keeps you at a safe distance from your attacker

Fast Action: Expands in a fraction of a second at just the touch of a button

Window Breaker: Makes a great auto escape tool when carried in the car

Pointed tip: can be used in a jabbing motion to back up anyone who gets too close

Locks in the Expanded Position:  Prevents the baton from retracting when it makes contact

Textured, Rubberized Handle: Helps you maintain a firm grip.

Wrist Strap: For safe and secure carry and use

Holster with Belt Loop: Heavy-duty nylon holster for convenient carrying and quick access

Warranty: 1 Year

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