Expandable Side Handle Baton for Officers


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  • Expandable side handle baton.
  • extendable side handle baton
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Expandable Side Handle Baton

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The side handle baton has been in use in by law enforcement since the 70's. Many agencies have moved over to a more compact expandable baton for easier carry. This baton is special in that it is compact but allows you to expand it with the flick of a wrist to make it a full size side hand baton (tonfa). It opens with the same sound and action of a friction lock baton, but locks open with a locking ring mechanism between the shafts rather than friction.  To close the baton, simply push up on the locking ring mechanism, and then push the shaft in from the tip. The rubber grip handle helps you maintain a firm grip. The side handle is even removable in case you want this to use this as a straight expandable night stick. Security guards and police officers around the world are switching from bulky nightsticks to more compact telescopic steel batons.  

  • The Fury Tactical line of Fury's products is Fury's highest quality, police-grade brand
  • Opens with just the flick of a wrist
  • Locks open with a locking ring mechanism between the shafts rather than friction
  • Closes by simply pushing up on the locking ring mechanism and pushing the shaft in from the tip
  • High quality epoxy coated aluminum tube shaft
  • Rubber grip handle
  • Removable side handle
  • Weighs 17.6 oz
  • Measures 21" extended
  • Made in Taiwan - superior in quality to similar models made in China

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